Affair Recovery


In the Aftermath of an Affair

I wish this word never happened to anyone, and I hope it never happens to you. But in my job

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The Myth of More Sex

The myth of having more sex— that if a wife was more sexually active with her husband, it would offset

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Mending Your Marriage

Mending Your Marriage

No matter who is responsible for whatever transpired in your marriage, God wants to work in your heart. When people

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did I marry the wrong person?

Surviving an Affair

Spouses who have not experienced an affair firsthand are usually very trusting. They don’t believe that infidelity could ever infect

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Social Media, Emotional Affairs

It’s funny the memories those names in our Facebook page evoke . . .

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Why Couples Fail After an Affair

Surviving an affair requires the creation of a safe space  . . . 

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Why Couples Fail After an Affair: Consideration and Respect

Consideration and Respect Be considerate: The deception associated with infidelity destroys trust. The unfaithful spouse can provide safety by determining

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Why Couples Fail After an Affair: Personal Safety

Personal Safety Physical safety is a must if a relationship is to be safe enough for recovery. With infidelity comes

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4 Steps to Repairing Trust in Your Relationship

Here are the steps to take when trust needs to be rebuilt.

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Close Calls

Are you in danger of having an affair?

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