Divorce is painful, but many are finding hope and healing through DivorceCare.

“DivorceCare is an emergency room where people who are suffering from separation and/or divorce can come to find immediate help,” said Naomi Ford, DivorceCare Church Consultant for Church Initiative in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Currently, nearly 9,000 churches worldwide are equipped to offer DivorceCare divorce recovery support groups. This program has ignited hope and healing in the lives of many. DivorceCare is a thirteen-week, video- and workbook-based resource that combines sound biblical instruction with the dynamic of small group interaction, providing an atmosphere of care and concern with solid, reliable teaching.

The groups are designed to be lay led, usually by people who have been through divorce themselves. DivorceCare video sessions and group discussion times are designed to help people travel from hurt and despair to peace and hope. DivorceCare brings more than thirty respected Christian authors, counselors, speakers, and pastors into the small group setting via video. The videos also feature stories of people who have been through the difficult process of divorce and have discovered God’s healing and peace.

The results of this program have been astounding. Here’s what DivorceCare participants are saying about DivorceCare:

“It saved my life and helped me find God. It helped me heal my emotions and anger.” — Randy from Texas

“It’s such a great class. It helped me release my anger and depression about my divorce and take responsibility for my actions.” — Phillip from California

“If there is anyone going through a divorce, I pray they will go to a DivorceCare support group. It has helped me a lot!” — Sue from Kentucky

“Why aren’t you in every single church, town, and community? What a blessing to me!” — Liz from Iowa

“It helped me let go of guilt and know that Jesus still loves me.” — Rhonda from Missouri

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“A helpful, insightful class — a contributing factor to my becoming a Christian.” — Charles from Indiana

“The class has been great! I am not alone in this. I am healing and experiencing a closer walk with God because of this class and the encouragement there.” — Linda from Washington

“Very good program. We reconciled!” — Bruce from Pennsylvania

“It has brought so much wisdom and guidance to my life. I was able to reflect on my past mistakes and learn from them.” — Jo Ellen from Iowa

“Excellent! I’m glad I decided to attend the class. Absolutely a must for anyone dealing with this trauma in their life.” — William from Tennessee

According to Ford, DivorceCare is a great tool for churches that want to help people in their congregation and community.

“People are more open to the gospel when they are in deep trauma than at any other time in their lives,” she said. “DivorceCare can help point people to Jesus for hope, healing, and salvation.”

For more information on DivorceCare call 1-800-489-7778 or go to www.divorcecare.org.

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