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Zealand Worship’s Phil Joel

Growthtrac’s Jim Mueller chats with former Newsboys’ Phil Joel, founder of the Zealand Worship band and deliberatePeople ministry, about marriage,

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Ben Fielding, Hillsong Worship

Hillsong Worship’s Ben Fielding

We sat down with worship leader, Ben Fielding, from Hillsong Worship. Ben is a Hillsong worship leader, songwriter, and pastor at Hillsong

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paul baloche

A Conversation with Paul Baloche

A conversation with one of the most prominent praise and worship songwriters of our generation, Paul Balache You performed at

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Third Days’ Mac Powell

We sat down with Mac Powell, front man for the multi-Platinum rock band, Third Day. Long known as Christian music’s

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Kim Walker-Smith & Skyler Smith of Jesus Culture

It happens all the time. A young woman and a young man meet, fall in love, get married and settle

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A Conversation with Matthew West

Hey Matthew, what’s new? Matthew Well, what’s new is actually what’s old; I’m making a Christmas record. In the middle

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Rebecca St. James on Marriage

An interview with newly-married artist, Rebecca St. James.

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Chris Tomlin Marriage

Chris Tomlin: his marriage and new music . . .

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A Conversation with Josh Wilson

My hope is with each album I learn a little bit more about the songwriting process and I learn how to be more conversational and honest in my writing.

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A Conversation with Meredith Andrews

Beneath her youthful exterior and fresh-faced exuberance, Meredith Andrews is a focused artist who knows exactly what she wants to say.

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