Healthy Marriage

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Whether you’ve battled the occasional flu virus or maybe a more chronic physical challenge, you know what it feels like to be healthy — or not. Maybe you shook hands with someone at church who had the flu, kissed a juicy-nosed child, or just feel “off,” and now you’re sick. You feel run down, out of balance, out of steam.

The same can happen to a marriage. Marriage — that living, growing relationship between you and your spouse — can be impacted by its external environment. For instance, are you spending too much time watching TV instead of interacting with your husband or wife? Are either or you stressed by outside factors such as your career, your kids, interfering friends or family, or even your hectic schedules? Or maybe the internal dynamics of your relationship are showing symptoms that there’s a different potential problem.

Whatever the case, it’s critically important you do everything you can to keep your marriage vital and strong — in other words, healthy. The following articles will help you diagnose the state of your most important earthly relationship, and give you the checkup you need to maintain or regain your marital health.


Why You Need Church

I can remember when I left a doctor’s appointment with my daughter, who had recently been diagnosed with alopecia. I

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The Silent Treatment

“Silence is golden” may be a nice sentiment, and sometimes remaining quiet during a conflict is helpful. For example, if

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Got Thorns in Your Marriage?

A husband once shared with a friend his secret to making his marriage last. “We go to a nice restaurant

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10 Secrets to a Happier Marriage

We all have a number of myths we tend to believe about marriage. But , but in your relationship with

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4 Communication Traps

Recently, a new friend asked me whether Ron and I still find things to fight about. Uh, yes. We’re two

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Marriage, Not a Priority?

This past weekend, my husband and I were enjoying a warm lazy Sunday afternoon as we sat in a park

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Apology Required

One of the greatest skills to acquire in marriage after a disagreement is the art of a true and sincere

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8 Ways to Cultivate a Happy Marriage

I come from a long line of broken marriages. So as a young bride, I wanted to learn the secret

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Internet Idolatry

My husband and I recently saw the movie Everest, a tragic spellbinder about two expeditions that met with massive storms

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Marriage Tips

There are lots of marriage tips out there, it’s difficult to sort them all out. Well… hopefully I can resolve that dilemma. Recently, I

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