Healthy Marriage

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Whether you’ve battled the occasional flu virus or maybe a more chronic physical challenge, you know what it feels like to be healthy — or not. Maybe you shook hands with someone at church who had the flu, kissed a juicy-nosed child, or just feel “off,” and now you’re sick. You feel run down, out of balance, out of steam.

The same can happen to a marriage. Marriage — that living, growing relationship between you and your spouse — can be impacted by its external environment. For instance, are you spending too much time watching TV instead of interacting with your husband or wife? Are either or you stressed by outside factors such as your career, your kids, interfering friends or family, or even your hectic schedules? Or maybe the internal dynamics of your relationship are showing symptoms that there’s a different potential problem.

Whatever the case, it’s critically important you do everything you can to keep your marriage vital and strong — in other words, healthy. The following articles will help you diagnose the state of your most important earthly relationship, and give you the checkup you need to maintain or regain your marital health.

Why Can’t I Say No?

Several years into my second marriage, I discovered that , Steve, or his kids. I had dragged colossal emotional baggage

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Dare to Be a Quitter

Six years ago, my wife and I had reached a pinnacle. We’d just had our third and last child, my

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To the Moon!

A friend recently sent me a clip from a show that ran from the 1950s through the 1970s called The

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Green Light, Yellow Light, Red Light

Last week my husband and I had to make a major decision about something that was plopped in our laps

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Love Extreme

On an average day, I receive 100-150 spam e-mails about my love life and my need to wear BLING while enjoying

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Normal Like Me

 and immersing myself into the routines of married life. I discovered my husband is weird. He did not like the

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6 Marriage “Operating Systems”

We will explain these traits and help you know what to do when your operating systems clash! Internal Processor/External Processor

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The Holiday “If” List

When it comes to relationships, the holidays have a way of creating tension. Most couples experience some conflict this time of

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10 Amazing Tips to Marriage Happiness

The Secrets of Happy Couples What does it take to create – and keep – a marriage healthy?  One of

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7 Ways a Husband Wounds a Wife

Most husbands I know would never injure their wife knowingly. They want to be her protector. But  And, most of

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