Growthtrac History


  • 625,000 Marriages impacted!
  • Awarded a lifetime Google Grant, affirming Growthtrac’s position as a marriage authority.
  • Launched the Marriage Store.
  • Introduced the Mentor Minute, a column hosted by Growthtrac co-founder Sheri Mueller.


  • Launched the Reach One Million initiative.
  • Introduced Marriage Medic, a weekly column hosted by Dr. David Hawkins.
  • Women of Faith Ministry Supporter status.


  • Re-Launched
  • Introduced GrowthtracRadio mobile apps.
  • 500,000 marriages impacted.


  • Introduced Marriage Mentoring services.


  • Growthtrac Radio is launched


  • 170,000 Personal Touches


  • 250,000 marriages impacted.


  • Achieved 501(c)(3) non-profit status


  • Designated as a Focus on the Family Referral Organization
  • Introduced ministry consulting and enrichment events


  • Introduced Growing Husband’s Book club and e-devotionals


  • Advisory Board created


  • Our name is changed to Growthtrac.


  • Jim & Sheri launch an online pre-marriage ministry, GrowthNet.

Growthtrac was launched in January 2000 to address the needs of Jim and Sheri’s mentor couples, engaged in the pre-marriage program at their church. Initially, Growthtrac was just six pages of resources and links, tightly focused on marriage preparation. Jim and Sheri would refer their couples to the site where they would find content relevant to their pre-marriage process, including topics on sexual purity, blended family, communications, conflict resolution and marriage expectations.

And because many of these couples were seekers or new Christians, Growthtrac provided introductions to Christianity — and next steps such as small group, baptism, ministry participation, and spiritual gifts.

A year later, the organization was re-named to Growthtrac. By now Growthtrac’s audience had expanded well beyond the walls of Jim and Sheri’s mentoring ministry.

Today, annually Growthtrac Ministries impacts nearly one-million marriages around the world through:

  • Online media: and Growthtrac Radio
  • Marriage Mentoring
  • Gospel Shares
  • Forum Interactions
  • Counseling Referrals

Growthtrac has established itself as the destination of choice for thousands desiring to strengthen their marriages through relevant Christian resources. And we hope to get even better